Anarkali is that type of dresses which always prevail in fashion industry. It is very popular in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and many more. Girls mostly prefer to wear Anarkali dresses in their functions, parties etc to look trendy and traditional. This is suitable to wear with chori pajama. The cutting of anarkali dresses is such that they make girl slim and smart.

Anarkali suits Sew with different patterns like basic Anarkali suit, anarkali suit with layer, anarkali suits with panels, umbrella cut anarkali suit. Anarkali umbrella cut has full flare umbrella cut consequently its look lovely. For stitching umbrella cut frock, two fabrics are required, One for main cloth and other for lining cloth.

The lining cloth must match with the main cloth. Thick fabrics like Georgette, chiffon mostly use for stitching umbrella anarkali frock. The dress has two parts, upper part and lower part. The cutting of Upper and lower parts have to be separate then join with stitching. You take the color of upper and lower part cloth different.

It can be stitched half sleeves, full sleeves and without sleeves. Anarkali suits cutting and stitching is not so difficult so you can stitch these dresses with your own hands.

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anarkali dress cutting & stitching pattern

anarkali dress cutting & stitching pattern (1)

anarkali dress cutting & stitching pattern (2)