Taj fashion brand

Taj fashion brand is one exclusive and alluring fashion trademark that belongs with most popular fashion country, Yes! This fashion brand associated with Pakistan that is recognized and popular in the worldwide from its appealing and lovely fashion and extremely gorgeous wearing styles.

Taj fashion is entirely ethnic and cultural brand that launched all sorts of ladies formal and semi-formal dresses that are decorated with exclusive, fascinated and current materials. This stunning anthology is comprises on cultural frocks with churi pajama, patiala shalwar with short shirt, double layers frock and some others.

These formal wear aesthetic attires are embellished with striking combination of colors and intricate charming embroidery. All bright, bold and dazzling colors you will find in this fascinated anthology.

Let briefly describe its tempting and impressive outfits in this article. Have an enormous glance our alluring and high profile colorful ladies outfits that are perfect and ideal for party and wedding celebrations.

Exclusive current embroidered frock

1 Exclusive Anarkali Suits by Taj

Taj is influential and noted fashion brand that designs only ladies’ attires and Taj is recognized among female from its distinctive and exquisite embroidery work. Look at this above picture where model is wearer Taj created frock and looks extremely lovely and outstanding. This frock is contrasted by grey and red dazzling shades. Neckline is enriched from stunning and marvelous work while double layers bottom is decked from red extension and cut work unique embroidery.

Frill bottom dress with intricate work

2 Exclusive Anarkali Suits by Taj (6)

Have an intensely glance this superlative and enticing Taj creation that is made with light creamy shade georgette and decked from hem with orange extension and sunny gold frill patch and its above dazzling and alluring yellow flower work is done. Neckline and cuffs are nourished from identical layers intricate embroidery that furnishes an appealing and attractive look.

Colorful patiala shalwar with short shirt

3 Exclusive Anarkali Suits by Taj (2)

A patiala shalwar introduced by Patiala city in the North area of Punjab state in India. This shalwar is very loose and stitched by plated style and mostly wear by young girls. In this picture, you can see a model is wearer thigh length tremendous contrasted hues shirt that is also decked with stunning embroidery and blue plated shalwar is pair of this short shirt that bedecked from hem with exquisite zardozi work.

Pink & black contrasted hues attire

4 Exclusive Anarkali Suits by Taj (4)

Pink and black are two light and dark colors combination but look enormously tempting when these appear mutually. Here, a good-looking model is wearer Taj ethnic attire that is designed by black base and adorned with heavy pink embroidery. Neckline and hemline are enriched from this exclusive work. This gorgeous attire is best for party occasions.

In below, I pasted further more fascinated and charming traditional ladies formal and semi-formal wear outfits those are designed by Taj fashion brand. These are entirely changed from above images. Hope, you will like this traditional current collected work.