Today, we are going to introduce you awesome Sitara Anarkali embroidery lawn collection. Anarkali is basically Indian fashion trend but now it is also available in Pakistan. Antalkali is the famous icon of Mughal period with distinguished Mughal traditional dress.

Sitara Anarkali embroidery lawn collection consists of native embroidery work and embellish with colorful combination of thread and fabric. Sitara Anarkali embroidery dress are best than other dresses. Shirts have been nourished with thread embroidery and patches.

Moreover, the dresses have been embellished with neckline, all over or hemline. Sitara Anarkali Embroidery collection has been launched according to the latest fashion in country.  Both plane and printed fabric used in this collection.

Some dresses are adorned both sides (front and back) with embroidery or patches. These long Anarkali embroidery shirts look glamorous. All fantastic and eye-catching color, you can find in this collection. In summer season, Sitara embroidery lawn collection is best collection for summer outfits.

anarkali women wear dress in pink color

black and red color Sitara  summer wear dress

lighte color pink embroidery summer dress by Sitara