Anarkali outfits:

A wearing trend which is related from 16 century is still popular among the girls of 21st century, it’s something tremendously outstanding that a stitching style which was worn before 400 years is still alive and liked by the modish girls of 21 century. Definitely you have guessed that I am talking about anarkali outfits. Anarkali dresses are related from subtle Mughal Empire which was ruled over sub-continent since 1526-1857. A Salve girl of that time “Anarkali” introduced this splendid wearing style and her legend love story is still popular due to its passionate nature.

What is reason behind the popularity of anarkali dresses? It is any kind of mystery for you? Then you must spend some time with me, I have some great historic knowledge regarding the popularity and history of anarkali attires. You must feel the sublimity of anarkali dresses after reading this post. Let’s discuss why anarkali attires are still famous and prior selection for the modish girls. Along with this exclusive elegance, historic stages and inspirations of this wearing idea is also my cup of tea.

Royal origin of this dress:

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Basically anarkali attires are related from splendid Mughal Empire. Mughal royalty was worn this subtle wearing style to define their prestigious status and superior rank. This wearing idea is initially inspired from the period of Mughal Monarch Jalaluddin Akbar; fetching slave girl of that period who was fall in love with Emperor’s eldest son Saleem introduced the charm of this wearing style.

Anarkali stitching style:

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In earlier age anarkali dresses are found in flare frock styles but according to latest inventions in this style now it I found in various wearing style among them floor length anarkali costume is exclusive contemporary mania. Along with floor length there knee length, ankle length, high and low, eon style, jacket stitching magnificence are consumed in anarkali suits and frocks. Anarkali dress is basically an impressive combination of kurta and long plates; usually this kurta is in fitting form from the bust while in umbrella shape from its hemline. Mostly anarkali frock or suits are carried with churidaar bottoms.

Dance girl dress:

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In age of akber, there was trend of entertaining by dance e of young girls, t was called as “mujra” and regal personas were enjoyed the dance of fetching girls in their courts, these dance girls were carried anarkali frocks. Anarkali was most prominent among those dance girls and she developed this rend with such dexterity that still it is carried by dance girls of sub-continent girls. In current era, still for dance performances, anarkali frock is matchless and apt selection of girls.

Trend setter if this wearing style:

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The film “Mughal-e-Azam” in which role of anarkali is played by Madubala, there is a hit track which is still sings as “Jab Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kaya”. In this song “anarkali” wore a legend flare frock which is still popular and just like iconic wearing style. It was trend anarkali frock and this was very song which was trend setter of anarkali costume. In this song character of anarkali perhaps not noticed to such splendid level if she was not in anarkali frock. Her each and every gesture and movement is compact with ideal femini9ne beauty in this track.

Contemporary trend of anarkali in bollywood:

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Madubala has set the trend of wearing anarkali dress to play a dance girl role with such matchless skill that still in bollywood if there is someone plays role of a dance girls that actress is carried anarkali dresses for her main appearances. Rekha’s look in “Umro jaAn Ada, (1881) and Aishwarya’s look again in new version of Umrao Jaan Ada (2006) is greatly inspired from anarkali outfits. For the role of legendry dace girls, bollywood divas are rely upon anarkali attires. Recently we find Deepika Padukone is timeless anarkali dress In (Bajirao Mastni).

Latest styles of anarkali attires:

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In 21 century mania of wearing anarkali outfits has been polished since 2012, once again anarkali dresses have become great inspirational source for designers and young girls are carrying this prstgios style attire to carry an inspiring regal grace. From intricate embroideries, laces, zardosi, salma sitra, patch works and fine quality stuffs, anarkali costumes are bedecked. For special festive celebration, nothing can be more apt selection if you are seeking for a traditional inspired look. Take a look of most recent wearing ideas of anarkali attires which are matchlessly popular among the young fashioniista of sub continent.