Thread work anarkali outfits

Anarkali is one the alluring and exception tradition style that never goes out from fashion world but with passing the time embroidery pattern and colors’ palette is altered from cotemporary and dazzling vivacious vogues. Now a day, casual and formal wear anarkali dresses are designing with modern and aesthetic patterns by using multi colored and combined colors thread embroidery.

These thread work dresses looks exceptional and captivated and young generation is much inspired from this alluring and sophisticated traditional thread work. Here, we are bringing elegant and glamorous latest assortment of thread work anarkali outfits. Anarklai frock with churi pajama, yoke style dress, long shirt with tights and plated style dress are added in this aesthetic and ethnic anarkali collection. Let’ briefly describe here anarkali thread work outfits that are most prominent in recent days in the market and among ladies wardrobes.

Geometric shape thread work anarkali outfit

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In this running fashion work styles and fashion is entirely changed after one year and introduced latest and exception vivacious vogues. Same this pattern floral embroidery is out of fashion and newest geometric shapes embroidery is contemporary and up-to-date fashion in the ladies dresses. This white base georgette fabric is adorned from neckline with dazzling and gorgeous geometric shapes thread work with purple, navy blue, yellow and sky blue. Purple churi pajama is best pair of this current attire and hemline is also decked from patch work and stunning lace and ribbons.

Black traditional attire with golden embroidery

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Black shade is mostly wear by girls and they are frequently crazy about this color because this color has extraordinary charm and magnificence that attract modish and fairy girls. This black anarkali frock that has dazzling pair of churi pajama is bedecked from bottom and neckline with golden and silver tremendously elegant and neat embroidery work while hemline and cuffs have slightly green touch that making this dress more alluring and gorgeous.

Patch work aesthetic anarkali garments

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This designer dress that adorned with latest and fabulous work looks stunning and eye-catching. This black base attire is festooned with red and blue patch work from bottom while neckline is embellished with striking and exceptional white thread embroidery that looks most fabulous and enchanting. This dress is best for night party functions.

Skin & green contrasted shades anarkali outfit

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A best and attractive thing that I feel in traditional anarkali outfits is dazzling and vibrant colors combination. You will always find gorgeous and fascinated colors’ palette in anarkali outfits. This anarkali dress is made with skin georgette and adorned with green thread embroidery and green velvet yoke that also embellished with skin work. This aesthetic and glorious dress looks fascinated and alluring.

Here, you are seeing elegant and contemporary decorated anarkali outfits with dazzling colors combination that are best formal wear functions. Further more artistic and glamorous dresses you can also see in the gallery images.