Anarkali dresses makes a woman look fabulous with all her charm and beauty. This dress is coming from centuries but the craze associated with the dress is increasing among women. Women are appreciating new designs and style in the same fashion. Fitted sleeves and neckline and bottom with large volume bring forth the grace of women. No doubt the body curves start becoming very visible and this dress especially Anarkali frock accentuate the feminism to the very much extent.

Not only common ladies but Celebrities love this dress and we often sport actresses in this dress at formal and informal functions. Different contrasted colors in Anarkali dress make the dress prominent and vivacious but this dress can give aesthetic look even if it is in one color. Brown color gives a very soothing and calming effect to eyes and it suited to almost every color complexion. Let us see what kind of different styles and designs we can have in this color in Anarkali dresses;

Brown Anarkali frock with golden fabricated boarder;


This is the dress to wear in winter formal party function or in a get together function. Dark chocolate brown color is made beautiful with contrasted golden patch at boarder. Neckline and the boarder is designed with lace that is making the dress look outstanding. The extension in border is made by golden fabric that is having pink color patches on it. The large volume of the boarder fitted chiffon sleeves and chiffon dupatta will make you stand out. Large size earrings and peep toe shoes will go perfect with the dress.

Silk fabricated brown Anarkali frock;


Here we sported Parineeti chopra looking fabulous in her Anarkali frock. Collared neckline is designed very beautifully and is adorned with golden shiny lace. The sleeves of the frock are dash with fancy lace. The boarder of the frock is decorated with candy pink and black color patches having embroiled patch in between them. With this awesome looking frock self printed dupatta is paired and that is made classier with golden lace all around the edges. Large size tussles on the corner of the dupatta are attached. The color in shiny silk fabric and embroidery work on neckline and boarder with golden lace are the constituents which are making the frock a wearable dress in formal functions indeed.

Pale brown pleated frock;


Don this Anarkali frock to look chic and fashionable. The whole frock is embellished with pleats that are making the frock outstanding. Net fabricated lace is an addition to adorn the bottom. Neckline is adorned with embroidery and the boarder of the frock and sleeves are dash with golden brown patch. With this medium length frock with churidar pajama and chiffon dupatta that is embellished with sequins. Peep toe high heel shoes and brown color earrings will make your personality more sophisticated and elegant.

Brown skirt with black crop top;


Have a regal or royal look wearing this dress as this skirt in Anarkali pattern will make you stand out. Very decent and formal look you will enjoy in this dress. Skirt is made fantastic with color technique and designing pattern. Pleated skirt with two different color patches is giving off very aesthetic look and the crop top in black color is designed with brown embroiled patch. The overall look of the dress is exuding true feminism with decorated waistline. Consider this dress while going for a semi-party function and with a high updo and classy hairstyle you will enjoy a dominating appearance.