A long frock with long length up to the ankles with fitted bottom is usually called anarkali frock. Anarkali frocks never go out of fashion due to its magnetic ability to catch every one’s attraction. Women of every age wants everyone to look at her. Anarkali frock made it possible for women. Now wearing anarkali frock a woman looks beautiful, decent and elegant. Women feel comfortable in long frock churidar pajama and dupatta. Women also look well mannered and civilized with heavy dupatta around their neck. Another advantage of this dress is also that woman can look younger than her age which is a desire of every other woman.

Since the time of Mughal empire anarkali dresses are getting its significance. Bollywood divas role in this regard cannot be forgotten. In live shows, different functions and receptions mostly actresses are seen wearing anarkali frocks. Anarkali dresses are liked by everyone because of its versatility. Designers design different kinds of frocks with zari work, tilla work and dubka work etc.

A person’s personality and his culture are usually judged by the way he dresses himself. In Asian countries women are found more obsessed with the craze to look traditional than others. Therefore they dress up their self according to their traditional dresses trends. Now anarkali frock have become a part of their ritual and customs. With the passage of time we can see the development in this fashion. In Pakistan and India women make herself prominent and dominant as well by wearing long ankle frock with long sleeves and pajamas.

In this picture we can see sober look of model wearing anarkali frock with wide boarder work. Net dupatta is also increasing the beauty of the whole dress. Black color of frock is looking ravishing embellished with golden needle work.

This can be worn in any casual occasion. Now we have collection of beautiful anarkali frocks which can enhance the charm of a lady anywhere. Anarkali frock with open gown make a woman quite graceful and refined. These dresses truly boost up the feminism in women. Tight sleeves, fitted pajama, dupatta with tapestry and then long ankle frock makes a woman perfectly graceful, lovely and stylish.

Anarkali frocks are found in a vast variety in different stuff and material. A wide range of these frocks in various colors as black, white, golden, purple and pink etc decorated with different art work  on sheer fabrics is highly in demand now a days. These outfits with different colors combination or a frock with colorful work on it give stunning and outstanding outlook. At the present time this fashion seems to be impossible to become outdated or unattractive. Although this style is taken from past but with the advancement of time, there can be seen progress in its popularity.

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