New anarkali dresses collection for ladies 2016

Anarkali dresses are always been a dominant part of fashion especially in Asian countries. Facts is that anarkali dress involve dupatta, kalidar frock and churidar pajama which is highly worn out y ladies of Asian countries and even it is known as traditional dressing for female in countries like India and Pakistan. National fashion designers first step at fashion ramp while displaying out their anarkali dresses collection. Anarkali dresses are considered as their main initiative step in the world of fashion designers.

Our currently drafted collection and discussion is based upon highly fascinating designs of anarkali dresses for ladies. These dresses will surely give out answer to questioned mind of people that why anarkali dresses is famous in fashion concept of ladies mainly in Asian countries. Anarkali dress is considered as traditional fashion sequence for female and why? Not our words but our collection will answer that why.

 White anarkali dress:


Red anarkali dress:


Casual anarkali dress:


Red and black anarkali dress;


Designer anarkali dress:


Dark bridal anarkali dress: